online reviews

Businesses live and die with their online reputation and therefore need to maintain a positive reputation online if they want to succeed in the business community. BrightPast offers the best reputation management services in case your  online business presence needs some improvement. The quintessential way that a company’s business reputation is monitored online is through reviews.

Customers will leave positive and negative reviews based on their experience with a small business and this provides an incentive for businesses to provide a higher quality product or customer due to the fear that word of mouth will impact the business. Third party review sites are often the hardest for a company to control as they are frequently visited by customers and often have a higher number of reviews than other sites. Other sites like the Better Business Bureau will also have reviews of businesses but often have less traffic than third party sites. Some companies maintain review functions on their sites as well, but more for individual products than for the business as a whole.

When customers first consider purchasing a product or a service from a business they will often perform a search for the business online and read reviews of the products and services that they offer. If the reviews are negative the consumer will likely switch to a competitor while positive reviews will likely improve the chance that a customer will purchase from the company. This is true for businesses that sell their products and services online, and also for those who only have brick and mortar type businesses. Many customers vet the companies that they buy from online before making a purchase.

Reviews therefore have a powerful role in the online world and it is essential for a business to both understand and influence this as significantly as they can as a competitive advantage for the business. There are several ways that a business can do so. The easiest way is to hire a third party online reputation management firm to manage their online reputation for them.

These online reputation management companies will review the reputation of the business online and will identify the cause for the weakness in their reputation. Then they will take steps to improve that online reputation for them. There are numerous ways that they do this and small businesses who do not have the budget to hire a third party to handle their online reputation management for them can emulate some of the steps that these professional firms use.

reputation Overall these online reputation management firms will concentrate on adjusting the way in which the company is perceived online to a more positive light. Some choose to plant positive reviews on the review sites while others simply promote or like the positive reviews that already exist. Others will comment on negative reviews to refute them or use their influences to put positive news stories into the various online news reporting sites which should help to positively influence the business. Some will even pay to have negative reviews removed from the various review sites.

Beyond that the goal is to put the company at the forefront of the various search engine results and to highlight the positive attributes of the business and to reduce the negative. Since online reviews are one of the biggest influencers of customer decisions online they are one of the first areas that are targeted by any business looking to influence their reputation.